elephant trampolene!

bursting at the seams!

There's SO MUCH to post!

First, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday, and your words made it even happier :)

Second, there is so much to be thankful for! But I feel the need for a reprise -- I am thankful for my family, who show me what it means to love unconditionally; and I am thankful for my friends, who help me to love who I am.

Third, I still owe replies to earlier posts -- there are conversations that have now been suspended for weeks! Maybe I should just let them go...Then again, they make puppy eyes at me from the corner of my brain...

Finally, here is the first installment of my account of my cruise vacation!
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happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to green_maia  (aka merrymaia )! I am so glad to have met and gotten to know you. You have helped me to feel more deeply about fiction, nature, and life, and you have supported me through stormy times. May this coming year be as beautiful as you are. May changes be kind, and may all your loves flourish.
elephant trampolene!

to bermuda, bahama come on pretty mama

There are some comments on my last post that I will have to return in about a week's time because

I'm going on vacation!!!

Today my mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend and I are all going to get on a cruise ship to Bermuda. It's just a five day trip, but I am SO excited. I've never been on a cruise ship! I intend to eat like the crazy eating person I am.

Anyway, best get back to trip prep. I won't be on the internet during the trip -- a strangely tantalizing prospect. See y'all in a few days!

oops, i did it again? (and a rant)

I did some more writing (let that be the last we hear about that dread word, I prithee), and experienced more mood swings. Next thing I know I had a new shirt and four new pairs of pants. They're very nice. I'm very happy with them. I am also very, very bemused with my brain.

Another thing that amused and bemused me -- while I was at the mall's parking lot, at least a mile away from any grocery store I know of, I saw a single, very large potato sitting very carefully on one of the concrete bumpers. It was adorable! I felt like it was saying, "Humph! I like it here, so what? A potato can't get some sun?"

Last week I chatted with a friend from Russia. Everyone I meet here tells me that Chinese is a very difficult language. Okay, fine. I understand that the characters are hard to memorize and the tones are hard to hear and to reproduce and there are probably a dozen other things I'm not thinking of. But behind that statement is always an implied "European languages are easier to learn." Well, yeah, if you already know one European language!

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Thanks for today: my left foot and my right foot. They may be slightly different in size, but they make a very cute and helpful couple.

the day is dimming, but I'm not ready to let it go

I have now worn all four pairs of my new sandals out into the big bad world. They have acquitted themselves very well. I am pleased.

Thus, a few days ago, I finally took my old sandals -- they might be more properly called sandal-shreds -- and put them gently in the trash. I would have shed tears if I were the crying type. Those shoes carried a lot of good memories; I want to give them retirement pastures instead of putting them down. Such a sentimental fool am I.

Also a few days ago, I heard Beethoven's 5th performed live for the first time. It rocked. I am thankful for Beethoven's symphonies (well, actually I only really know #3, 5, 6, and 9...*is unlearned*)

I am also thankful that I live in a materialistic country in a materialistic world. I love stuff! Stuff makes me happy. And there's so much and so many different kinds of stuff to be had! Never mind that I don't want most of it -- it's there!

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There. I feel updated :)

temporary insanity

My mood has been swinging like a revolving door. Um. Yeah. Or something.

Anyway, this all has to do with the fact that I've started to write again. Before you ask, don't ask. Seriously. Don't mention writing at all in the comments. It will push me over the edge into Wonderland. So no words at all whatsoever about the w word, please, okay?

Anyway -- this means that I've found myself doing some unusual things to cope with stress. Last night I went to Target to pick up Tylenol, feminine products, and Diet Coke. I found myself with Advil, feminine products, Diet Coke, duct tape, a cat toy, and these:

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The title literally translates to "ten thousand households of lamps and hearths." It means that there are uncountably many people and families out there, and each one has a different story.

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And now for something completely different -- thank/blame the inimitable kalichan , from whom I snagged. For a good time, click below:
get to work

whistle while you work, so hard, all day

Don't get me wrong -- I love my work. I just wish it were a little easier to get through.

I thought I made the test fair and straightforward. I thought I made it a bit too easy, in fact. It turns out that I was wrong -- so far the class mean is in the low 70s. That's acceptable, but I would prefer it to be higher, especially since the midterm scores were so low.

The thing is, I thought that many of my questions were not only about important parts of the course material that they should have studied and learned, but were also about general knowledge that they might have known anyway. Here's a fill in the blank question:

#. A fiction film that parodies a documentary is called a ________________.

Answer? Mockumentary. I'll bet most of you were able to make an educated guess, even if you weren't sure about the answer.

Here are a few of the answers I got:

- wish documentary
- inspirational narrative
- screwball
- science fiction
- true story

Yeah. o_0 is my reaction, too. I especially love that last one -- a fiction film can otherwise be known as a true story. *headsdesk*

Today I'm grateful for my stomach. It is an infinitely tolerant organ that is also incredibly low maintenance. I would be a thinner but much unhappier person if I had an average person's stomach instead of my industrial strength model.

I am also thankful for colored pens. I love grading tests with my red pen (I grade papers with pencils because I might change my mind about a comment). I bought my red pen years ago, and every time I whip it out I feel powerful. Actually, I wish I had been even more assertive and chosen a bold tip instead of the fine one I have now. Once this one runs out...

a rose by any other name

Okay. Today I'm going to post something snarky and petty, just to get it off my chest. I'm going to start a new tag for it, "stranger in a familiar land." It's about living as an Asian, specifically Chinese-American, in America.

I cannot count the number of times I have had this exact conversation. I roughly estimate that it happens at least once a season, and a lot more frequently than that during times I meet many new people.

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Today I am thankful for salt and pepper. Salt is an important part of a healthy diet! And pepper makes so many things so much better. And there are so many cute salt and pepper shakers.

o motivation where art thou?

There are a couple of things I should do asap...but I have just decided to define asap as tomorrow morning instead of tonight.

While washing the dishes today, I suddenly began to hum "Greatest Love of All" -- I don't know why. It felt like it was everywhere when I was in late elementary, early junior high school. Back then I thought its lyrics were strange, but I also thought that maybe my English wasn't good enough to understand the connections and nuances. I haven't thought of the song much since then, except when I re-watch the ventriloquist puppet episode of Buffy. Well today I thought through the lyrics again for the first time in decades, and I stand by my original impression -- they are WEIRD.

Today I am thankful for the postal service. It's so easy to make jokes and to complain, but on the whole, I feel that the post is very reliable and the source of much joy.

I am also thankful for caffeine. I am so thankful it's legal.

Joining the meme:

States I've visited in the US:

visited 43 states (86%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Countries I've visited:

visited 21 states (9.33%)
Create your own visited map of The World

I didn't count Mongolia because I didn't get off the train.

This makes me want to travel!