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pride and joy

Same-sex marriage was legalized in New York State late last Friday. I feel happy and moved and proud to be a New Yorker. It's another step toward greater equality.

Here are some pictures from today's Gay Pride Parade taken from the corner of Fifth Ave. and 33rd St:

My angle was awkward -- I was standing on the NW corner and the parade was coming from uptown, and there was a camera and crew just to my left, so I couldn't get any more frontal shots and missed many great moments with AMAZING costumes. There were a LOT of variations on the wedding dress theme, and I practically cheered myself hoarse. Here's a more "typical" moment ;) :

I loved that Macy's (and many other big companies, like Google and TD Waterhouse) participated:

This shot's kind of grainy and blurry because I was zoomed in so far, but I like the framing. The float was full of scantily clad "sailors" and was led by two drag queens, one in a full-feathered rainbow costume and the other in an American flag costume:

Several religious and national groups were represented as well:

Another shot:

I found reminders that this is a longtime and ongoing struggle particularly moving:

There was a pair of white women who looked like they were in their fifties wearing a sign that read, "Engaged for Thirty Years." They walked at a sedate pace, swinging their held hands slightly. They were smiling and looking around, and also talking with each other. So many of the people there -- paraders and spectators alike -- were so giddy and loud that this couple stood out to me. They weren't even wearing much make-up, if at all. I felt a lump in my throat. As a member of some minority groups, I have been in situations in which I felt like I needed to exaggerate some parts of me in order for my existence to be acknowledged. There were times when I felt resentful; there were times when I have confused my persona with my self. I celebrate and cherish the right to behave flamboyantly now and then -- but what I want, from day to day, is the ability to be quietly and confidently me, and to know that I am seen and heard, just as I am.

PS: It was extra-special and fun because I was there with zandperl , who I haven't been in touch with for some time, and we got to hang out and catch up :) .
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