November 11th, 2012


Have you read/seen To Kill a Mockingbird?

My eighth graders are reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Right after Thanksgiving I will lead a two-week media unit that includes showing the movie version with Gregory Peck. I have too many ideas, and I want to pare them down. If you have time to help me by responding to some of these questions, I'd really appreciate it!

- As an adult, what do you wish you had learned about watching movies/television when you were in school?

- Have you read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird? How old were you when you first read it? What did you think of it?

- Have you seen the movie To Kill a Mockingbird? When was the first time you saw it? What did you think of it?

- Have you seen the parody animated short How to Kill a Mockingbird? If so, what do you think of it?

- What do you think is important for a middle school student to learn in a media unit that needs to incorporate the classic film version of To Kill a Mockingbird? Of the following, which do you think is most important (please write your own if it's not here):
1. To become more thoughtful consumers of popular media in general.
2. To acquire the specific vocabulary and skills that enable students to analyze films.
3. To use moving image media as texts to practice reading and writing skills.
4. To engage deeply with a specific movie, because such skills are transferable to multiple kinds of texts.
5. To be exposed to a broad range of media that offer different perspectives surrounding the main text.
6. To be a fun experience, because pleasure will make everything else more memorable.
7. To reflect on the students' own values and personal history with media consumption.

Argh! Why can't I just have it all?

Well, I can go to sleep. Yes I can.

Good night!

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